Insuring Illinois & Wisconsin

Over the years Rooster Ag’s Federal Crop Insurance Division has satisfactorily supplied Federal Crop Insurance along with private products including Wind and Hail Insurance on hundreds of thousands of acres of agricultural land throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. Our main goal is to ensure that by having the best protection and advice that can be had, clients will have less stress and more peace of mind knowing their livelihood and crops are thoroughly and professionally protected though a company and agents who will always care about their family’s well being as well as their bottom line.  Our secondary goal, but no less important, is to provide our clients with the tools necessary to improve the balance and integrity of their farms and maintain continued growth. As a caveat, our company’s diverse structure allows us the opportunity, “unlike most companies” to have our expert in the Federal Crop/Hail/Wind Insurance business, Brian Bark, on staff on a daily basis to handle any needs or questions that arise for our Federal Crop Insurance Clients.

Best Protection and Advice

Experts in the Business

Less Stress & More Peace of Mind

Tools To Improve the Balance & Integrity of Farmland

Tools For Continued Growth

Agents who Care About Your family